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Maharishi Mahesh Yogi became known in the United States in Pattie Harrison heard Maharishi was giving a series of talks at the London Hilton on August 24, , and George got them front row seats. Starr's wife Maureen had given birth to their son Jason on August 19, , and didn't know they were continuing on to Wales until after the trip was booked. Lennon's wife Cynthia was held back by a security guard who thought she was a fan after she couldn't keep up with the frantic Beatle-cartoon pace the band learned through years of touring. The Beatles spent two nights in Bangor, sleeping in bunks in college dormitory rooms with the other students.

The band figured maybe the Maharishi could give them what LSD couldn't, and what banana skins no longer provided for Donovan, and held a press conference saying so.

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Tragedy struck when their manager, Brian Epstein died of an overdose of the barbiturate Carbitral, mixed with alcohol, in the locked bedroom of his London home on August 27, Epstein had purchased the Saville Theatre in London and was promoting a series of Sunday concerts. On the day he died he was promoting two shows by Jimi Hendrix. The band was told of Epstein's death by Peter Brown. They credited meditation for helping them withstand their grief. They cut their visit short, and planned to go on a full retreat after they could clear their schedules.

Rishikesh is situated where the Ganges river flows out of the Himalayas into the plains between the mountains and Delhi. Ringo brought "fifteen Sherpas carrying Heinz baked beans" because of his allergies, Harrison remembered in Anthology. Actress Mia Farrow and her sister Prudence and brother John were already at the ashram. The Beatles had just gotten back from a trip to Greece where they were looking for an island they could all live together and build a recording studio.

Before The Beatles went to India, they were concerned about two things. The first was the Maharishi using them to promote himself. The other was what seemed to be his focus on money, unexpected by them in a spiritual teacher or holy man. The fool on the hill saw more than the eyes in his head and the sun coming down, he haggled over an extra two and a half percentage points on a film the Beatles wanted no part of after their idyllic and private hideaway was encroached on by the Four Star Productions film crew.

She even came up with a memorable line, "Listen, I know a pass from a puja. The Beatles were happy writing songs in spiritual solitude. I think he made a pass at her. Shumsky confirms the incident with the Rosemary's Baby star but says it was not the primary cause. That's what she reported.

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Farrow told "my friend Ned Wynn , who was the son of Keenan Wynn and grandson of Ed Wynn, famous actors from the 20th century, personally that Maharishi definitely tried to get her to lie down with him. Like so many Beatles songs, there is a lot to interpret in the motives and mysteries we find across the universe. Deepak Chopra wrote in the Times of India in that Harrison claimed Maharishi asked them to leave because the musicians were still doing drugs at the ashram.

Dolan was living in the room right next to Rosalyn [Bonas], and every night he would listen to Magic Alex and Rosalyn having sex, and apparently Magic Alex smuggled alcohol into the ashram. I don't know about hashish. The only hashish stories I know about is the one about Donovan and the one about John Lennon. I believe it was Rosalyn and Alex, and once they found out they all got in a big huff over it, because Maharishi had made a pass at Rosalyn, and they decided to leave. That everybody should just leave.

That's what I think happened. Regardless of who was smoking the hashish, Alex began working his magic. According to Lennon Remembers , John and his fellow meditators "stayed up all night discussing, was it true or not true.

The Beatles: The Strange History of Sexy Sadie

And when George started thinking it might be true, I thought, 'Well it must be true, 'cause if George is doubting it, there must be something in it. I am not sure how true that was. I think Alex wanted to get John away from Rishikesh. Whatever the truth, they left. Harrison was, by all accounts, "furious" at Mardas and didn't believe "a word" of the allegation. He asked the Maharishi to explain himself," Mardas, who died in , told the New York Times in The guru turned out to be merely human.

And I said, 'We're leaving. The guru stopped giggling.

And I was a bit rough to him. Harrison reminded Maharishi he would be leaving before the course relocated to Kashmir, to film Raga , a documentary about Ravi Shankar, in the south of India. I remember him standing at the gate of the ashram, under an aide's umbrella, as the Beatles filed by, out of his life," Boyd wrote in Wonderful Tonight: George Harrison, Eric Clapton, and Me. Perhaps the darker aspects of the divine energies were keeping an ear out. Boyd also wrote that Magic Alex was "convinced that Maharishi was evil.

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He kept saying, 'It's black magic. Vengeful forces may have been unleashed. The entourage couldn't leave because their taxis kept breaking down on the way from Rishikesh to Delhi. Lennon was deserted by the driver after his taxi got a flat. He said they waited for hours, and began to feel he didn't even want to go. Shumsky references Pete Shotton's book John Lennon: In My Life quoting Lennon as saying Maharishi "sent out so much energy he was like a magnet, drawing me back to him.

Suddenly I didn't want to go at all, but I forced myself before it was too late. He was also the happiest person I ever met, and he was filled with this energy that you wanted to be near him all the time. That transfer of energy you just get if you're close to him, you get it by osmosis, by sitting close to him, but if he looks at you and puts his attention on you, it's amplified tremendously.

You're feeling these waves of bliss and waves of love, this unconditional love, this love that you've never experienced anything like it before. Harrison later mused the incident may have caused the dysentery he caught in Madras which was cured by some amulets Ravi Shankar gave him.

Lennon's instant karma kept flowing as he confessed to his wife Cynthia all of times he slept around. In her book John , Cynthia explains that she initially viewed the India visit as a second honeymoon and this litany was a shattering end. It was a long flight. When they landed in Delhi, Lennon and Harrison told reporters they had business in London and wouldn't appear in Maharishi's film. Lennon told McCartney the Maharishi was "just a bloody old letch just like everybody else. What the fuck, we can't go following that!

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Maharishi "claimed to be Bal Brahmachari, which means 'life celibate' and he was not. Also, he encouraged his disciples to be celibate. He told his skin boys to be celibate," Shumsky explains. I mean, he was really strong on advocating celibacy, and so people got angry because they thought that he was a hypocrite.

McCartney called the Maharishi a nice fellow the band "wasn't going out with anymore. He's human like the rest of us. The Beatles wrote "48 songs in seven weeks" during their visit to Rishikesh. Eminem has always been adept at running dizzying circles around his critics, nullifying attacks by embracing and one-upping them. On this anguished highlight from Recovery , Eminem unburdens himself with honest, plainspoken revelations. He says Eminem initially responded with a bar verse, so he returned with 50 and the ante kept being raised — 60, 62, 64 — until it ended up as a tune where each rapper goes for about 2 minutes and 30 seconds apiece.

"Little Boy Blue" And Other Rhymes

Connecting syllables, metaphors, punchlines and similes is a dying art. For those of us who still love rapping for the sake of showing how good one can rap , Eminem is our only mainstream voice. As his fame ballooned at the turn of the millennium, Eminem was still reaching back to the mostly East Coast underground that had inspired and sustained him since before his debut album Infinite.

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The farewell party, presented by BET Black Entertainment Television , was the last in a series of concerts the first couple had hosted at the White House. She stopped singing. Also, they were enthusiastic, they were eager to work with me, and they came in with a very competitive bid. But sometimes when they are reissued, the record company tries to save a couple pennies by skimping on the printing costs. Page Flip: Enabled. In fact, right-wing ideologues had been planning just such a resistance for decades.

I can hear the nuances in his tone, and his rhythm was insane, and this is him starting out as a kid. We recognized that there was something there that was special. Rather than escalating any one mood, the song stays dysphoric and ambiguous. But two people asked me if I was a member of D Missy Elliott was a key black artist to co-sign Eminem early on. In other words, he keeps his bullshit in check and comes across like the everyday Marshall Mathers, a year-old single dad still dealing with a dumpster-fire marriage, but also a mature adult who is capably raising three kids — Hailie, niece Alaina who is also mentioned in the song and half-brother Nate.

Contrary to his well-earned reputation as a fearless cultural provocateur, Eminem has long written sentimental songs that give context and nuance to his emotional outbursts. Even Em got more than he bargained for out of the collaboration. Not only did Em get a hook and an outrageous Slim Shady-esque verse from Lamar, but he also had a song that forced listeners to reckon with the conceptual genius of both rappers.

In , Jay-Z and Eminem became the first examples of what happens when the most famous rappers in the world are over The blockbuster collaboration between Eminem and Rihanna grew out of a loop that the British producer Alex Da Kid brought to songwriter Skylar Grey, which inspired her to write about her mistreatment by the music industry. When Eminem got the track, he wanted it for his Recovery album, but felt that only Rihanna could bring the necessary emotion. However he seems to shrug whenever he talks about the song, which was recorded in one take.

He says he barely remembers that session; for him, it was just another day of mapping out multiple internal-rhyme schemes. In the third verse of this six-minute exhibitionistic display, he famously references J. In , a then-unknown Eminem flew to Los Angeles from Detroit to participate in the battle-rap competition Rap Olympics. With the event sparsely attended, DJs Sway and King Tech, hosts of the hugely influential Wake Up Show, agreed to put the rapper and other competitors on-air to help increase their exposure. He had that and was adding a weird humor to it, so he definitely stood out.

The feedback for weeks was all positive. It was unusual but dope. It sums up the whole album. Hailie even appears on the track. When she found out I used our daughter to write a song about killing her, she fucking blew. He follows his own artistic path. In print, his interrogation of his position as a rich and famous white rapper seems almost matter-of-fact.

He petulantly jabs at bubblegum pop, boy bands and fellow Detroit pottymouths the Insane Clown Posse. I wanted to just spit fire in each verse and have the soft-ass innocent chorus.

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But then you go to Tupac and he made songs. I want to fucking punch someone in the face when I put this CD in. I wanted to do all that shit. My goal … is to be technically able to satisfy every underground or every great rapper there is and also be able to try to incorporate it into a song.

And make the song feel like something.