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Real God, Real People, Real Life.
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The Crux of Darkness

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the crux definition: 1. the most important or serious part of a matter, problem, or argument: 2. the most important problem, question, or part. Learn more. the most important part of something (such as a problem, issue, puzzle, etc.) — usually + of The crux of the matter is that people are afraid of's taken a.

A hiker uses the safety line for balance just like he would the handrail on a staircase. Fix the rope end with a figure 8 on a bight, and, if terrain dictates, use a butterfly knot or Munter knot for mid-line horizontal redirect anchor points.

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You can employ a fixed rope to overcome short, steep sections without having to resort to technical climbing techniques. The total number of participants was over people.

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Teams from Colombia, Brazil and EU Universities reported on the progress made in the Project activities and further action on implementation of development of didactic materials and teaching process were discussed. Delays in achieving Project targets were discussed at Cuban partner Universities and actions to overcome these difficulties were put forward and importance of closer cooperation between all teams was highlighted.

Various options for purchasing of teaching laboratory equipment were analysed so to obtain the best value for the available budget.

The crux of positive controls - Pro-inflammatory responses in lung cell models.

Delegates included academic and Research staff of UIS and representatives of local industry. Presenters also discussed research activities at Universities of the Project Consortium in the area of Renewable Energy Technologies.

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The CRUX First Project meeting took place at Northumbria University to discuss organizational issues and plan of actions for the project implementation. The meeting was kicked-off with presentations on the teaching and research activities and infrastructure available for each team in the Project Consortium. Aim and objectives of the CRUX Project were confirmed and details of cooperation, management and communication arrangements were discussed. Preliminary list of modules to be enhanced or newly developed were discussed for teaching undergraduate and MSc students.