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Vodafone Soars to Storytelling Glory by Capturing Video "Firsts"
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Top Tips for Creating a Marketing Strategy for a Luxury Brand Sometimes a new video comes along and really knocks it out of the park. In a series of videos from the British brand, we see different people trying new things for the first time and the documentary-style content is downright awesome. Check out An and Ria, two dutch somethings who have never been on a plane before. Going beyond what they literally do, the brand showcases the ideas they want to stand for: discovery and excitement.

It helps us progress and discover. All around us people are doing things for the first time and we want to help them get there. We want to share their stories.

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Not to mention, we added a built-in arched shelf see a theme here??? He has a background in national and international journalism along with extensive experience in brand building and story development. Sensory branding has become a trend in luxury retail, as businesses want to differentiate themselves from competitors and create deep emotional connections. Teach This Poem. We also have management experience, including customer system, product system, franchise system, and other distribution systems. All around us people are doing things for the first time and we want to help them get there.

An and Ria are complete opposites and this makes for a compelling story. While Ria is a happy-go-lucky, roller coaster riding dare devil with an infectious laugh, An is anxious and timid. The story works because the ladies have a clear challenge the plot and because they each represent the characters of everyone watching.

While this video is ten minutes long, it works because the b-roll and backstory make the story matter.

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Vodafone develops these characters as a way of having the bigger picture unfold. The backstory presents real motivation for An to get over her fears and try something new.

The lesson here? Everything from Ria sitting under her hair dryer with her curlers in, to the shot of An in the flight simulator juxtaposed with Ria on the roller coaster. The Galaxy Note 9 will look a lot like the Galaxy Note 8 from the front. The back, however, will see a repositioning of the fingerprint sensor Samsung just can't seem to get the placement right , which is now placed below the dual camera setup.

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The render also reveals the redesigned S Pen in yellow colour. The stylus has been teased by Samsung as well and the new design could suggest some new functionalities although details around this are still slim. Some reports in the past suggest the S Pen could come with Bluetooth support and may allow for music playback control and long-range self-timer among other things. Separately, some alleged live images of the Galaxy Note 9 shown above have also surfaced on the internet.

The images keep in line with the render and once again seemingly confirms the design.

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Interestingly, the display on the front has a cracked screen, which doesn't really help with anything, and only reminds us the fragility of all-glass phones. The Galaxy Note 9 is expected to bring a 6.

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The flagship phablet is also expected to house a 3,mAh or 4,mAh battery. We will have more to talk about once the phablet goes official on August 9. Samsung Galaxy Note 9 revealed in all its glory in new render ahead of August 9 launch If past reports weren't enough, we now have a new press render courtesy notable tipster Evan Blass that reveals the Galaxy Note 9 in all its glory as well as the brand new S Pen in yellow.