Autism - A Practical Guide for Parents

A Practical Guide to Autism: What Every Parent, Family Member, and Teacher Needs to Know
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Part narrative and part practical guide, Dragonfly provides anecdotal and practical guidance for parents of children with autism spectrum disorder. The author discusses intervention strategies, therapies such as Applied Behavioral Analysis ABA , and different medical tests.

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She explains Autism terminology like hyperresponsivesness and stimming. A classroom teacher herself, she recommends educational accommodations and supports.

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Editorial Reviews. Review. "This excellent easy to read book gives simple and straight forward Autism - A Practical Guide for Parents by [Yau, Alan]. Autism: A Practical Guide for Parents [Alan Yau] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Theory is great, but as a busy parent of a young child.

Busy parents can find practical tips on everything from making friends to Sensory Processing Disorder in helpful sidebars in the text. Taylor's personal experience is supplemented by wisdom from a series of round table discussions featuring other parents of children with autism. In the summer of , eight-year-old Hannah wrote "Life of a Dragonfly," a poem with repeated parallel stanzas that used the stages of a dragonfly's life as a mirror for her own physical and cognitive development.

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Among its wisdom was: "Hope rises, and I begin to reveal my concealed wings. I begin to understand language and what I am meant to do. A veteran classroom teacher and autism parent, she deftly weaves personal narrative with practical guidance to synthesize a wealth of invaluable resources, checklists, case histories, educational supports and accommodations.

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Moving and instructive, this is a book that parents of an autistic child will want to keep on their bedside table. It also stands out in Ms.

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Taylor's practical suggestions for meeting educational, social, and family goals. It is worth reading by parents and by persons interested in autism and its impacts. I have read many books, each one has their own unique purpose and message about autism.

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Many of my favorite books are mentioned as reference. However, this book I could not put down. I even took notes to use when my son Conner and I speak to newly diagnosed families.

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I will recommend this book to every family that has joined us in the newly diagnosed journey. And, in that way, the message is comforting to others. Kate E. In Kate's son was diagnosed as having 'classic' autism with intellectual learning disabilities.

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As a professional dedicated to understanding scientific advances and helping families and teachers to utilize them most effectively, I am very pleased to have an ally like this book available. Recently she has begun ''cutting' herself. She offers helpful strategies that will encourage and inspire parents and students and show that college can be a suitable option for students with an autism spectrum disorder, as well as the basis for a successful independent life later. Kindle Edition , pages. I didnt know anything about it when I started reading it. When is the right time to start talking about these issues? Having met Lori on this journey, it was clear that she persisted through many stages and moved forward with determination.

She is a researcher and public speaker; in she spoke at an All Party Parliamentary Group meeting about sex education and disability and speaks extensively with parents and caregivers. This manual, inspired by that research, provides a wealth of practical information for parents, professionals, and others concerned with helping such children. Authors include parents whose children have been the beneficiaries of a science based approach….

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Asperger Syndrome and high-functioning autism are detected earlier and more accurately today than ever before. Children and teens with these disorders often stand out for their precocious intelligence and language abilities—yet profound social difficulties can limit every aspect of their lives.

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It is a trusted, respected source of information on autism and the other conditions within the spectrum of pervasive developmental disorder PDD. Now completely revised and updated, this book covers a multitude of special concerns, including daily and family life, early intervention, educational programs…. Many young people have a hard time understanding the complexities of what autism Is and why people with autism engage in the behaviors that they do. This book gives answers to the many questions brothers and sisters of young people on the autism spectrum have about their siblings.