Steel Combat Helmets (Beginning Collectors Guide Series Book 1)

WWII-Era M1 Helmets: A Beginner’s Guide
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Chain Mail

The Military Advisor Volume 16 Issue 2. The strap could be adjusted by slides on the chin-strap lugs, and was fastened by interlocking plated steel rings. In reading this guide, you may think that the only end result is an identical Draugr helmet from the game Skyrim. Some later pieces were made of wrought steel with an appreciable carbon content that allowed the piece to be heat treated. In Europe, the 4-to-1 pattern was completely dominant. Austria M1 helmet: When the Austrian Bundesheer was reformed in , it was initially equipped with U.

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Step 2: Making the Base Form

Military Horsham Rare Books items Shop. Poetry sellers , items Shop. Brodie's design resembled the medieval infantry kettle hat or chapel-de-fer , unlike the German Stahlhelm , which resembled the medieval sallet. The helmet's "soup bowl" shape was designed to protect the wearer's head and shoulders from shrapnel shell projectiles bursting from above the trenches.

The design allowed the use of relatively thick steel that could be formed in a single pressing while maintaining the helmet's thickness. This made it more resistant to projectiles but it offered less protection to the lower head and neck than other helmets. The original design Type A was made of mild steel with a brim 1. The Type A was in production for just a few weeks before the specification was changed and the Type B was introduced in October It could withstand a. The original paint scheme, suggested by Brodie, was a mottled light green, blue, and orange camouflage but they were also painted in green or blue-grey.

The first delivery of the Brodie to British Army troops took place in September , at the rate of 50 per battalion. Initially, there were far from enough helmets to equip every man, so they were designated as "trench stores", to be kept in the front line and used by each unit that occupied the sector. By early , about a quarter of a million had been made, and the first action in which the Brodie was worn by all ranks was the Battle of St Eloi , in April. Although the helmet's benefits were recognised, there was criticism from several quarters, including General Herbert Plumer , who said that the helmet was too shallow and too light-reflective, its rim was too sharp, and its lining was too slippery.

Creating Helmets and Armor From Videogames for Fun and Profit!

It was decided to introduce a number of improvements, and from May, supplies of the modified helmet, designated the Mark I, began to arrive. It had a separate, folded rim, a two-part liner, and matt khaki paint finished with sand, sawdust, or crushed cork to give a dull, non-reflective appearance. By the summer of the first million helmets had been produced, and they were issued to all troops.

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Collecting Military Headgear: A Guide to Years of Helmet History [Robert Attard] on This is the ultimate reference to military headgear that appears today on the The book is lavishly illustrated with close-up views that assist collectors in A Collection of Tales and Narratives series commissioned by the Edward De . SS-Steel: Parade & Combat Helmets of Germany's Third Reich Elite First Edition. by Ss Helmets: A Collector's Guide Kelly Hick is the noted author of nine other books on collecting helmets of the Third German Reich. Read more. Product details. Hardcover: pages; Publisher: R. James Bender; First edition (June 1.

Troops from other countries also used the Brodie helmet, including the United States Armed Forces , when they began to deploy in France late in The United States government initially purchased some , helmets from Britain. From January the U. Army began to use helmets manufactured in the U. By the end of the war some 7. From , the Mark I Brodie helmet was fitted with an improved liner and an elasticated actually, sprung webbing chin strap.

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This final variant served until late , when it was superseded by the slightly modified Mk II, which served the British and Commonwealth forces throughout World War II. British paratroopers and airborne forces used the Helmet Steel Airborne Troop. During this period, the helmet was also used by the police , the fire brigade and ARP wardens in Britain. The helmets for the ARP wardens came in two principal variants, black with a white "W" for wardens and white with a black "W" for senior ranks additional black stripes denoted seniority within the warden service ; however numerous different patterns were used.

The Norwegian Army adopted the Mark I helmet in , eventually importing a total of 10, examples. Pin is marked sterling. Do not find these in this condition often.


Condition is Used. The cap badge is real nice early WWII large one with a great look to it. It is in used good condition. It is complete with the chin strap assembly and is fully functional. It rates as good overall condition. It has the the rear chin strap along with the front one. Not maker marked. The front chinstrap has cracking on both sides. The heavy card bill has a crack in the center. In excellent used condition. Comes with original bag. The shell is WWII with front seam, fixed bales and without dents. The exterior of the shell is finished with a rough cork aggregate that is excellent.

The liner has light khaki webbing and is complete with chinstrap and leather sweatband. Very solid Westinghouse Liner with Khaki webbing. Original U. M44 Goggles with amber lens. No cracks in the liner that I can see.

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Has a clothes pin in 2 areas. Has the W inside a circle and two small letters above it.

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Used and in good condition. I did test it with a magnet and it did stick, so I am unsure if this is really brass or steel, I don't think magnets stick to brass. Material: made of woolen, Cap peack is made of Leather,Can change to crush type. Include:one hat,one badge. Accurate repro. Free shipping. Bought from local estate. They made a kind of elastic bottom. Very clean original. The liner is in excellent condition. It does need a new sweatband, chinstrap, nape strap, and tie string.

Everything is original to the liner. Cap badge is sterling silver and a gem. This has all of the character of an old Naval Officer visor cap. As a result the leather bill is also a bit flat.